1. To prepare dedicated teachers for improvement of the school education system in state of M.P. and Nation.
2. To make teachers well equipped to teach at schools in secondary & senior secondary level.
3. To train the teachers so that the are fit on all the fronts i.e. social, mental, physical, moral, cultural & spirituals.
4. To help them excel in academic as well as other area of prosperity.
5. To innovate in educational technology.
6. To adopt & review the relevant techniques of teaching skill development.
7. To equip teachers with necessary soft skill & attitude.

Education Loan Partners
  • The model of professional training being adopted by WLCI is a path breaking step in management & Technical training. IT.

    Vijay Goyal, Etask solution.

  • No college in India provides such a platform for success. I want to be a part of the Yahsh Pvt. ITI family now and always!

    Marketing, Subojit Roy, Technocom

  • Cutting Edge training helped me realize the importance of goals and vision in my life

    HR, Navdeep Sen, Reliance

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